"Under the very vital and graceful influence of Sher and her flawless routines, this class gives you the tranquility and strength to use your own intellegence to give your mind and body what you really need.

A perfect blend of structure and an ever-giving encouragement to be yourself.

It is a very soothing class and it was the perfect reintroduction in to yoga for me after a short time of not practicing.

Sher has a beautiful energy that you absorb instantly. Nourishing and nurturing.

Thank you Sher."

- Daisy

"I have practiced with Sher for over a year and I can honestly say that she has changed my life! Not only has she gently helped me to increase my body's flexibility and strength, but her gentle and wise words on self-love and care during the practice have really revolutionised how I see myself and others, and how I live.

Sher's classes are a truly holistic experience and I can't recommend them enough. She is a one in a million and I consider myself very lucky to have found her."

- Nikki

"After recognising that we needed to do more in terms of promoting wellness within the workplace, we asked Sher to run a Yoga session. It was really well received and as a result we now have a regular classes with Sher.


Sher is not only a fantastic teacher, she has such a wonderful approach which is clear, warm, inclusive and educational. The whole group who regularly attend have noticed the health benefits and find it a great way to unwind from a stressful day in the office. It’s also great to be able to have such a positive activity held within the very same environment that we work in.


I would highly recommend Sher to anyone who is thinking of doing the same within their workplace or indeed as an individual.

- Oly